Natural parks


Foix Park

The Foix Park is a small protected natural area whose boundaries adjoin Can Foix. The park, which encircles the Foix Reservoir, provides a habitat for a large diversity of flora and fauna typical of wet areas, as well as providing spectacular views of the Garraf Massif in all its natural beauty. Rarely for an area so close to the coast, urban pressure is low here, whilst the pretty village of Castellet i la Gornal, at the foot of the lake, makes this a truly outstanding site. The park is managed by Barcelona Provincial Council and several local authorities, which promote its conservation and organise educational activities here. Can Foix works with the Provincial Council by staging activities that enable school groups to discover the natural environment in the park.


Foix Delta (5 km)

The Foix Delta is a natural beauty spot which many argue should enjoy greater protection measures due to its value as a nature reserve and habitat for marine and migratory birds. A walk around the delta, enjoying the superb landscapes, leads us to the lovely beaches at Cubelles.


The Garraf Coast (7 Km)

This area will soon form part of a marine natural park. The steep cliffs along Garraf coast, from Vilanova to Castelldefels, form a spectacular rocky seascape, with lovely secluded coves and interesting sea life.


Garraf Park (10 Km) 

This fascinating natural park stretches as far as the Can Foix farmhouse itself. This is a dry area to which both vegetation and population have been forced to adapt, creating an unusual, spectacular and rather beautiful landscape.



Montserrat (60 Km)

An emblem of Catalonia, both due to the natural heritage here and to the symbolic importance of the site, where we find the revered statue of Our Lady, the Black Madonna, or Moreneta. This is a fascinating trip that no visitor to Catalonia should miss.


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