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Straddling Garraf and Penedès counties, the Can Foix farmhouse is superbly situated, as its natural isolation makes this an exclusive, secluded spot, whilst its proximity to more populated zones and its excellent communications make the site easily accessible.

The two counties lie in what are known as the central littoral and pre-littoral zones of Catalonia. The area enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with low rainfall, mild winters and hot, dry summers. Due to the fact that the climate is strongly seasonal, the landscape is constantly changing.

The Mediterranean vegetation, the mountains and the wild Garraf coastline, the beaches to the south, the vineyards and the proximity to Barcelona; all these factors help to make this a highly attractive area for tourists, who can enjoy countless visits and trips in the area, as well as activities of all kinds.

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Casa de colònies Can Foix

Youth Hostel Can Foix
Rd. BV 2115 km 6
Cubelles (Barcelona)

T. 661 658 192 / 938 149 542
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T. 938 149 542
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